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Hello Andrea,
Hoffe alles ist gut.
Wir sind jezt zuhause gekommen und alles ist gut gegangen.
Sofus hat den ganze zeit während die reise gut geschlafen und ist prima. Wir gehen kurze promenaden rund um die umgebung.
Beigelegt eine bild von unser strand. Wir schicken Ihnen mehr von die entwicklung mit bilder
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Mikael & Siv


Hello Andrea,
Hier neue bilder vom einen ausflug im wald.
Er hat jetzt seine letzte vaccinationen bekommt und den tierarzt hat ihn untersucht und alles var gut!
Wir haben den Ahnentafel jezt empfangen. Vielen dank.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Mikael & Siv


Helsingborg 19th November 2012
Dear Andrea,
Ja, wir haben viel spass mit dem jungen!
Prefer now to write in English as my German is too poor.
Hope you are all well.
Sofus is doing very well and is now weighing 5,2 kilos and abt. 31 cm. He is a very lively and smart guy - learning tricks and how to be polite (maybe the most difficult partJ) He is now very good when going on a leash. He has sharp teeths both thank god he is now changing them!
He is getting more and more adult and last saturday (17 nov) he lifted his leg for the first time when peeing! We were very proud :-)
We have only had very few 'accidents' inside the house just in the beginning - since then he has always made his needs outdoors.
Wish you all the best and 'keeping you posted' ;-)
Mikael & Siv

Sofus ist jetzt 9 Monate alt und 38 cm groß.

Hi Andrea,
Hope you are doing well.
Can see from your homepage that many new nice 'black & tan's are coming into the world!
But here just a short notice that Sofus is doing great - he is now a grown up and is healthy and is very playfull and clever dog.
He is with us on all our travels with our 'wohnmobil' and enjoys the travelling.
We are very happy with him and again thank you for your help when we collected him.
We have plan to visit you on our way in Europe but until now we have not been nearby Bexbach.
But we look forward to visit you sometime - and Sofus alsoJ
Wishing you all the best.
Siv & Mikael

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